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In western Maryland, members of the Potomac Heritage Trail Association have recommended a 55-mile hiking path from Cumberland, Maryland, north to Pennsylvania's Mount Davis and on to the Laurel Highlands.
in Bridgewater Comers is named for the nearby hiking path that transverses the entire state.
In the freezing conditions in the Tatras during winter, an inexperienced person can die on a crowded hiking path where in summer pensioners can walk easily, mountain guide Tibor Hromadka says.
The witness described the cougar's direction of travel as being consistent with emerging from near the hiking path and Rob Adams Park, at the southern end of the Mountaingate subdivision.
Our hiking path is overlooked by trees, each growing something delicious, and we stop to munch on passion fruit and guava.
Our hiking path is overlooked by a range of different trees, each growing something delicious, and we stop to munch on ps assion fruit and guava.
Participants stretched and exercised during these sessions, took vigorous walks on the hiking path behind Oxford High School, and were given healthful treats.
The plan would cover the eastern terminus of a hiking path that's been talked about for two decades.
The "Industrieweg" is a popular bike and hiking path through the former factory district.
Gorgeous views, nice hiking path to the beach, great restaurant, wonderful rooms, isolated peaceful atmosphere.
Kids are part of the plan, too, with a suspension bridge and a pirate ship at the Lido, geological hiking path and a number of childrens holiday programs, including nights spent in hams sleeping on straw, cooking in the hotel kitchen or camping.