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Patients recovering from hip fracture are known to lose bone and muscle at accelerated rates, placing them at increased risk of further morbidity, re-fracture and prolonged disability.
ACC is supporting the New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry as part of a programme of work to improve services for older people.
With an aging population and escalating costs of health care, the administration of efficient and cost-effective health care in hip fracture patients is more important than ever.
Hip fractures are almost as common and costly as strokes and the incidence is rising.
Mortality after hip fracture is high: around 30 per cent for one year.
He said: "The work of the National Hip Fracture Database really makes a difference to patient care and I am very pleased to be part of it.
Facilities may experience decreased income when residents are in a hospital or rehabilitation facility being treated for and recovering from a hip fracture.
Giving bone-strengthening medication routinely to all elderly women who sustain a wrist fracture would reduce subsequent hip fractures by about a quarter, but at a cost of more than $200,000 per prevented fracture, a study showed.
Despite being younger and heavier than asymptomatic women, characteristics associated with higher BMD, women with moderate /severe [vasomotor symptoms] had a higher risk of hip fractures that was also independent of other established risk factors for fractures," wrote Dr.
Serum alpha-tocopherol levels of 1,168 subjects between the ages of 65 to 79 who suffered hip fractures during up to 11 years of follow-up were compared to those of 1,434 control subjects from the same cohort.
Adherence to a vegetable-fruit-soy dietary pattern or the Alternative Healthy Eating Index is associated with lower hip fracture risk among Singapore Chinese.