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Methenamine and its salts as urinary tract antiseptics: variables affecting the antibacterial activity of formaldehyde, mandelic acid, and hippuric acid in vitro.
It is based on the fact that hippuric acid has no known function other than to facilitate excretion of benzoid-type of compounds.
In the 1840s German scientists researched the connection between cranberries and urinary tract infections (UTIs) after noting that urinary excretion of hippuric acid increased after ingestion of cranberries, which are bacteriostatic in high concentrations (Hutchinson 2005, Ulbricht 2005, Siciliano 1996).
Use of para-amino hippuric acid to measure blood flows through portal-drained-viscera, liver and hindquarters in sheep.
The further analysis of cranberry metabolites showed that the urine from Group III participants contained significantly higher levels of hippuric acid, conjugates of some other phenolic acids and quercetin glucuronide, but otherwise showed no significant increase in acidity.
Results Hippuric acid concentration was found to be within normal values; by contrast, phenol and methylhippuric acid sample concentrations were above normal values by 3,3 % and 50,8 %, respectively.
5 hexandione (n-hexane metabolite) and hippuric acid (toluene metabolite) in the period immediately preceding the visual loss.
After oral uptake, Na-benzoate is rapidly absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract and combines with glycine in the liver forming hippuric acid (Feldman et al.
The most sensitive activity-based assay for measuring proCPU is based on the HPLC-assisted quantification of hippuric acid liberated from hippuryl-L-arginine with o-methylhippuric acid as an internal standard (Fig.
Cranberries can help ward off bladder infections such as cystitis, because the hippuric acid that they contain has the power to repel E-coli bacteria, which can settle in the urinary tract.