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I heard His Eminence say that the opposition wants to rule not because it has a craving for power, but rather to save Lebanon from certain plans, ideas, and plots.
His Eminence added, "Finalising the agreement is vital for UAE investors in terms of expanding their projects in the Netherlands, as it will safeguard against non-commercial and political risks limiting their expansion.
14 (ONA) His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has received a cable of thanks from His Eminence Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Revolution in the Islamic Republic of Iran in reply to His Majesty's congratulatory cable on the success of the surgical operation that he recently underwent.
Meanwhile, his eminence underlined the peacefulness of the pro-democracy movement.
Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence said that one of the most important duties of the police force is to establish moral and psychological security in society.
About October 3, His Eminence called the deceased and informed him that it was necessary to sell the scrolls in a short span of time in order to get out of his dire straights.
Daley, His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, Arne Duncan, CEO of the Chicago Public Schools and Don Randel, president of the University of Chicago.
His Eminence called for protecting Iran from all conspiracies woven by the nation's enemy.
Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence referred to the recent developments in the Ministry of Intelligence and reiterated, "The Leader will step in whenever he feels an important (national) interest has been ignored.
His Eminence informed the Romanian President that the "Christians are a main element in the region," stressing that they will cling to their lands despite all difficulties.
Muscat ,Mar 19 (ONA) 2nd Religious Cadre Forum themed "Work Perfection to Please God," , Third Batch concluded its deliberations today at Barr Al Jessa Resort under the patronage of His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamed al-Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate.