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Referring to a meeting in the Vatican City with the Prefect and Officials of Congregation of the Causes of Saints, His Eminence said that in the 21th century we need more priests and families to be Saints.
His Eminence added, "Finalising the agreement is vital for UAE investors in terms of expanding their projects in the Netherlands, as it will safeguard against non-commercial and political risks limiting their expansion.
I heard His Eminence say that the opposition wants to rule not because it has a craving for power, but rather to save Lebanon from certain plans, ideas, and plots.
His Eminence urged the faithful to rediscover in their life the transforming power of a life lived as a testimony to the love God showed us in being crucified on the cross.
His Eminence referred to the efforts made by foreign media to magnify certain disagreements among Iran's government officials and stressed that the statements of government officials must not suggest that there is discord among them.
His Eminence asked the Qatari PM to make sure that the Lebanese would not pay for the statements launched by some officials and not to make that affect their work and activities in the Council's countries.
Muscat ,Mar 19 (ONA) 2nd Religious Cadre Forum themed "Work Perfection to Please God," , Third Batch concluded its deliberations today at Barr Al Jessa Resort under the patronage of His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamed al-Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate.
Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence referred to the recent developments in the Ministry of Intelligence and reiterated, "The Leader will step in whenever he feels an important (national) interest has been ignored.
In the solemn Eucharistic celebration at which His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith presided, Msgr.
In paragraph 5, His Eminence should have stopped at the first comma, as follows: "The time has come for legislation that fully protects the traditional understanding of family and marriage.
NYANA) the largest local refugee resettlement and immigrant services organization in the United States, strongly condemns the armed attack on human rights leader Pierre Esperance and calls on His Eminence Rene Preval, President of the Republic of Haiti, to urgently investigate this matter and bring the attackers to justice.
His Eminence called for protecting Iran from all conspiracies woven by the nation's enemy.