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I can tell you this with absolute confidence," went on his lordship, "that just as we are with France to the end, so is France with us to the bitter end.
It was dynamic personality of his lordship that attracted the people and the movement started which culminated into restoration of judiciary.
However, it is believed that His Lordship thankfully came to his senses.
When his lordship enters the job market, would he take his maid to do his job?
No way, says his lordship and Scotsman Pat has to fall into line.
Counsel said on the letter he would ask his Lordship to infer that misconduct had been committed.
His lordship enrolled as an Advocate of District Courts in the year 1974, as Advocate High Court in 1976 and as Advocate Supreme Court in 1985, and practiced law in all fields/subjects like Constitutional, Criminal, Civil, Tax, Revenue, etc.
Welcoming the delegation his lordship said, "there is strong nexus between bench and bar which is based on the administration of justice".
As you pointed out, this documentation appears to stand in direct contrast to the recent indications that there are no plans to close the Church of SS Peter & Paul, which were communicated to this Dicastery by His Lordship and communicated to you by our letter of May 2nd.
Not your typical idle-rich type, his Lordship actually runs numerous business interests and has made an absolute mint from his prowess as a restaurateur, food critic and writer.