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HISTORY, evidence. The recital of facts written and given out for true.
     2. Facts stated in histories may be read in evidence, on the ground of their notoriety. Skin. R. 14; 1 Ventr. R. 149. But these facts must be of a public nature, and the general usages and customs of the country. Bull. P. 248; 7 Pet. R. 554; 1 Phil. & Am. Ev. 606; 30 Howell's St. Tr. 492. Histories are not admissible in relation to matters not of a public nature, such as the custom of a particular town, a descent, the boundaries of a county, and the like. 1 Salk. 281; S. C. Skin. 623; T. Jones, 164; 6 C. & P. 586, note. See 9 Ves. 347; 10 Ves. 354; 3 John. 385; 1 Binn. 399; and Notoriety.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But when scientists move from that kind of work to trying to explain some process that is in the past, that is historical science. A geologist can examine rock formations in the present.
With Sleepwalkers Clark rekindled a discussion about the responsibility for the outbreak of the First World War almost 50 years after Fischer which had long been conducted in the international historical science community but been unnoticed by the German public and which has increasingly shifted the focus away from Germany towards Austria-Hungary and other individual Entente states.
On the one hand, there were the medieval chronicles, in which there was no distinction between literature and history, as Dmitrii Likhachev demonstrated in the 1950s, and on the other, the attributes, such as "synthesis" and "interpretation," of a fledgling modern historical science. Accordingly, Sverdlov makes the case that the portraits of the Kievan princes were crafted by Tatishchev as a (modern) scholar who, using the tools of an inchoate historical science, anticipated its future development: "His portraits were a kind of intuitive expression of the need for future research into the princes' military--political and social activities (129).
Martin Rudwick's much-acclaimed previous book, Bursting the Limits of Time (2005), explained how European philosophers and men of science established geology as a historical science, borrowing cognitive tools from neighbouring disciplines in their investigations of rocks and fossils.
The contract was signed by Ba wazeer and professor Alessandra Avansinni, the head of Historical Science Department at the University of Pisa in the presence of the Italian ambassador to Yemen, Mario Boffo....
Biological Science: An Ecological Approach makes its principal presentation of historical science in a chapter titled, "Ecosystems of the Past." This includes a section with the heading, "Interpretations Are Based on Principles." but there are no principles identified in this section.
Fans of alternative historical science fiction must have this.
The Head of the Vatican's Committee for Historical Science says there's been a misunderstanding.
This collection of 24 papers includes studies of the methods and meanings of psychobiography, including making theoretical choices, encountering the interplay of personality and historical science, evaluating alternative explanations of life events critically, comparing and balancing theory and methodology in multiple case psychobiography.
Fans will enjoy this strong historical science fiction novel while concluding somehow Gabriel Mesta will contact Orson Welles to simulcast the story over the Internet.

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