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The history of liberalism reveals an abundance of important and powerful values.
She examines a problem in the history of liberalism, goals resources problems, public emotions, and how love matters for justice.
For Siegel, the history of liberalism is very much bound up in the history of intellectuals as a distinct social group, and their efforts to establish themselves as a new aristocracy, or clerisy.
In these lectures, however, Dewey gives a history of liberalism and of its crisis in the age of industrialization, and he offers a defense of the tenets of liberalism--which Burke himself worked so hard to defend--though in light of twentieth century needs.
As she notes, the history of liberalism consists of replacing things that work with things that sounded good on paper.
Apart from his excellent works about the evolution of the Romanian political thinking or about the history of liberalism, Cristian Preda has published so far three books (obviously, also many other studies) which are milestones for the electoral systems in the Romanian political history: "Post-communist Romania and interwar Romania"," Parties and elections in post-communist Romania" and "The regime, parties and political systems in Romania", at Nemira and Meridiane publishing houses.
Kris Mauren will compare the history of liberalism in Islam with that of Christianity.