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Despite the increase in shoulder flexibility, there is no change in both CycSG and SSG for spike hit rate on target.
Subsequently, the hits of each herb were counted, and the hit rate of each herb was calculated using the formula: hit rate = CN / total number of compounds of each herb x 100%.
Therefore, all simulation results above suggest that our proposed BSTKS is an encouraging and efficient method for abrupt change detection from the synthetic time series datasets, because of the shortest computation time, the highest hit rate, and accuracy out of four methods, especially for less significant statistic fluctuation when N gets smaller, as well as for less significant variance fluctuation when N gets bigger, and v gets smaller.
Specifically, we calculate the differences of MSE, hit rate, and 110-minute capital gain between the forecasts with the new kernel and those with each comparative kernel, respectively, on each of the last 500 trading days.
Courts and scholars have already grown accustomed to examining hit rates when data are available.
We analyzed median response times and hit rates as a function of self-reported strategy, taking Strategy (retrieval, procedures), Problem size (small, large) and Proposed solution (correct, incorrect) as within-subject factors and Group (HS, LS) as the between-subjects factor.
Follow-up studies ranging from 3 to 18 years suggest that hit rates for interest inventories can be between 32% and 69%, which is well above the chance expectancy rate (Donnay, 1997).
The results achieved with the SC vector of the coocurrence matrix are lower, with an average hit rate for all materials of only 62,2%.
There was a high copy cataloguing hit rate of around 94% for these titles on ABN.
By comparison,'s hit rate has decreased by 50 percent, now bringing in less than 1 percent.