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(111.) "Die Materie des Stoffes wird geadelt durch die Hoheit der Kunst....
In his essays and diaries both anti- and philo-Semitic statements can be found; among his fictional characters are negatively drawn stereotypical Jewish figures such as the Hagenstroms in Buddenbrooks and positively depicted ones such as Doctor Sammet in Konigliche Hoheit. In introductory remarks to his contribution 'Thomas Mann and das Judentum: Eine Collage', Thomas Klugkist notes that stereotypes and ambivalence are part and parcel of Mann's craft, a point that serves as a welcome antidote to subjectively, rashly, and superficially formed opinions concerning anti-Semitic tendencies in Mann's oeuvre.
darauf eingehen, welches Traum- und Wunschbild der burgerlichen Kultur aus den Buddenbrooks hervorgeht, oder welchen Aufschluss Konigliche Hoheit uber Manns Herzensmonarchismus gibt.
Elsaghe also has chapters on Buddenbrooks, Die Betrogene, Der Wille zum Gluck, and Konigliche Hoheit, in which he provides detailed evidence that both a Jewish and an exotic origin are subtly portrayed as stigmata and dangerous flaws.
"Nein, nein," entgegnete sie voll Hoheit. "Ich beschwore Sie, es macht mich glucklich," rief er und warf sich mit dem Anlitz zur Erde vor ihr nieder.
Some of the economics goes into a chapter of Konigliche Hoheit as Mann's first substantial montage of extraneous matter, referred to within his text as 'die schone Tauschung der Sachkenntnis' (GW, II, 162).