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Holding Company

A corporation that limits its business to the ownership of stock in and the supervision of management of other corporations.

A holding company is organized specifically to hold the stock of other companies and ordinarily owns such a dominant interest in the other company or companies that it can dictate policy. Holding companies must comply with the federal antitrust laws that proscribe the secret and total acquisition of the stock of one corporation by another, since this would lessen competition and create a Monopoly.

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holding company

n. a company, usually a corporation, which is created to own the stock of other corporations, thereby often controlling the management and policies of all of them.

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holding company

a company that controls, usually through a majority shareholding, another company or companies.
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CU's ratings are largely based on those of CUI ratings, which is 100% owned by the Holdco. On July 17, 2019, DBRS confirmed the A (high) rating of CUI.
Transform Holdco LLC, home to Sears and Kmart, and Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc.
The ratings for NEP also take into account the structural subordination of the Holdco debt to the substantial limited recourse debt at the project level, which is typically sized to achieve a low to mid 'BBB' rating.
The combined company will retain the Caligor Holdco, LLC name but will be rebranded Caligor Coghlan going forward.
Also, the shareholder Vega HoldCo Sarl will propose that the remuneration to the board of directors in the company shall continue to be the remuneration that was determined by the AGM, except that the chairman shall not receive any remuneration for the assignment as board member and chairman from the date of this extraordinary general meeting (EGM).
Letter Ruling 201236014 allows the historic EIN of Parent corporation to be used by a new and different legal entity, New HoldCo, even though Parent continues to exist as a single-member LLC under local law.
Sister Holdco S.A and Holdco II S.A are two special purpose companies which have been created exclusively for the purpose of the merger between LAN and TAM, where shares of TAM will be held, directly or indirectly, before their consolidation into LAN.
holding company, the subsidiaries may have paid dividends up to US Holdco, which were ultimately taxable in the U.S.
This transaction will combine Akazoo and MMDM under a new holding company, Holdco that will become the publicly traded entity.
Following a change in TDC's ownership, the new owners refinanced the acquisition debt initially raised by its parent DKT and its intermediate holding companies (collectively known as HoldCo), as well as existing debt at TDC, the operating entity (OpCo).
on September 5, 2018 made by KapStone stockholders to receive shares of common stock, par value $0.01 per share, of Whiskey Holdco as consideration in the acquisition of KapStone by WestRock through Holdco.
Also, the company said that this merger agreement is by and among Naked, Bendon Limited, a New Zealand limited company, Bendon Group Holdings Limited, an Australia limited company (Holdco), Naked Merger Sub Inc, a Nevada corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Holdco (Merger Sub) and Bendon Investments Ltd, a New Zealand company and the owner of a majority of the outstanding shares of Bendon (the merger proposal).