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The area contains abundant fossils, including ancient corals and trilobites, but only recently did anyone discover that these particular rock samples also contained the crinoid holdfasts.
Changes in invertebrate assemblages inhabiting Lessonia spicata (Phaeophyceae) holdfasts after the 2010 earthquake-mediated coastal uplift in Chile.
Similarity between seahorse and holdfast color was verified by a waterproof table containing a color pattern scale of colors found in available holdfasts and seahorses made specifically for this study.
Each individual was collected by prying its holdfast free from the rock, taking care to avoid damaging any portion of the organism.
This type of fossil usually has a long and narrow but flexible, gently tapering tube with a cup-like attachment disc, or holdfast, at the pointed end, which once anchored the organism to the sea floor, or to a hard surface such as a shell or another Sphenothallus.
Holes for dogs and holdfasts are spaced randomly about 1-1/2" apart across one half of my bench.
As algae-eaters, urchins feed on the holdfasts of the kelp, resulting in a sea floor completely devoid of vegetation.
Damage to buildings can result from excessive moisture retention caused by vines growing against an unsuitable surface or from pitting of the surface by the vine's holdfasts.
All the climbing and trailing cucurbits have hairy stems, large, palmate leaves, and tendrils that aid in climbing by acting as holdfasts.
Nevertheless, fronds of both species primarily emerge from regenerating perennial holdfasts rather than from sporelings (Burns and Mathieson 1972, Mathieson and Burns 1975, Lubchenco 1980, Dudgeon et al.
I allow myself to drift with the tidal surge back toward my spotter, making out the faint forest of rockweed straining at its holdfasts on the chocolate ledges, waving eerily.