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A comprehensive term applied to the property, whether real, personal, or both, owned by an individual or a business. The legal principle derived from a judicial decision. That part of the written opinion of a court in which the law is specifically applied to the facts of the instant controversy. It is relied upon when courts use the case as an established precedent in a subsequent case.

A holding is distinguishable from dicta, which is language in the opinion relating some observation or example that may be illustrative, but which is not part of the court's judgment in the case.

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1) n. any ruling or decision of a court. 2) n. any real property to which one has title. 3) n. investment in a business. 4) v. keeping in one's possession.

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Non-Protected Holding transferred to Bad Bank BES: [euro]96,000 (0.48 x 200,000)
These are the sort of pop-up, often minimum-notice holding patterns my friend was lamenting.
Millennium Insurance Co., Ventura, Calif., was acquired with Thousand Anniversary Holdings Inc., by Alliance United Holdings Inc.
* samples with similar carbon equivalents indicate that holding time at lower temperatures increased the iron's nodule count and encouraged ferrite location, while holding at high temperatures did not have a significant effect.
Among the more interesting questions is whether an investment house that acquires a little bank and converts to the status of a Fed-supervised financial holding company can then use the Fed's "umbrella" as its passport to Europe.
In addition to their stock fund holdings, they own investment properties.
To defeat the tax agency's argument that the structure is merely a tax gimmick without substance and that the debt owed by Target to Holding should be disregarded, Target and Holding must be able to demonstrate that the debt had the form of a debt instrument, that the parties intended that it be a debt instrument, and that economically the instrument was a debt.
I simply want the freedom to decide when holding hands in church is right for me when it will be a grace and not an aggravation.
Ozyegin was ranked the 316th in the list, and Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, the owner of Cukurova Holding, was at the 342nd place with 2.9 billion USD of wealth.
The AJCA provisions ignored the reality that a large number of banks, if not a majority of banks nationwide, are in fact structured as subsidiaries of holding companies.