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Holding Company

A corporation that limits its business to the ownership of stock in and the supervision of management of other corporations.

A holding company is organized specifically to hold the stock of other companies and ordinarily owns such a dominant interest in the other company or companies that it can dictate policy. Holding companies must comply with the federal antitrust laws that proscribe the secret and total acquisition of the stock of one corporation by another, since this would lessen competition and create a Monopoly.

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holding company

n. a company, usually a corporation, which is created to own the stock of other corporations, thereby often controlling the management and policies of all of them.

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holding company

a company that controls, usually through a majority shareholding, another company or companies.
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The idea of forming holding companies may also be picked up by provincial governments, which may like to bundle companies in a metropolitan area under a single holding company - with representation of local government on its board.
Such discrepancy can be explained by comparing the market pricing between the diversified stocks represented by the holding companies and the undiversified stocks composed of single-segment firms.
For many holding companies, a significant benefit of the holding company structure was eliminated with the Dodd-Frank Act: the ability to issue capital or capital-like instruments different from those permitted for the bank.
Former BMW manager, Herbert Diess, will be responsible for one of these holding companies, which will include the Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat passenger car brands.
The number of holding companies with double digit increases in insurance brokerage fees rose more than 25 percent from 75 last year to 94 so far this year.
The eased regulations are expected to help enhance competitiveness of domestic banking as well as non-banking industry, strengthening a foundation for the advancement of financial holding companies.
Language was inserted in the early versions of the correcting legislation expanding the IRA-related provisions to depository holding companies by amending Secs.
SEC regulates registered holding companies primarily by reviewing their applications for transactions and conducting periodic examinations that focus on improperly allocated costs and weak internal controls.
After nine decades operating as a traditional group of mutual insurance companies, Liberty Mutual formed two mutual holding companies in 2001 as the initial step in an overall plan to bring its primary insurance affiliates under a single mutual holding company structure.
(May 22, 2003)], a North Carolina court ruled that nine trademark holding companies had income tax nexus in North Carolina, despite having no physical presence in the state, based on the licensing of intangibles to affiliates located in the state.
Specifically, GLBA permits financial holding companies to engage in securities underwriting and dealing, insurance underwriting, merchant banking, and expanded insurance agency activities.
The speakers discussed foreign currency considerations in international tax planning, particularly in the area of dividend planning, branch remittances, CFC liquidations, and cash flows involving holding companies.