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COTTAGE, estates. A small dwelling house. See 1 Tho. Co. Litt. 216; Sheph. Touchst. 94; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1571, note.
     2. The grant of a cottage, it is said, passes a small dwelling-house, which has no land belonging to it. Shep. To. 94.

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A CASH-STRAPPED council is to start charging holiday home owners pounds 225 a year for waste collection.
The boom in the holiday home market has been fuelled by low interest rates and soaring house prices in the US, as mortgages rate remain at record lows and the ability to unlock equity from their first home has made buying a vacation property in the sun affordable for more people than ever before.
Boss Bill Wood has axed 100 jobs at Cosalt's holiday home plant in Hull to cut costs.
Sita also said that plans for the holiday homes, which will be operated by IFA under a soon to be launched brand, will be revealed at the Arabian Travel Market in May.
No fuss, no hassle, no airport queues, lost luggage or train delays - you can close your front door at home and in no time at all open the front door of your holiday home when you buy your very own des res at one of the region's many caravan parks.
THE Springs is the ultimate in holiday home luxury, being a new green field development.
With summer just around the corner, there's never been a better time to buy your own holiday home.
Its holiday homes are built with quality, style and comfort in mind, providing customers with the perfect place in which to relax.
With exchange rates continuing to make European holiday properties, and holidays for that matter, an expensive proposition and interest rates remaining low, leading UK holiday home company, Pure Leisure Group, has the perfect solution for a lifetime of holidays
If it's an overseas holiday home they may also need to file a tax return locally and pay tax in that country.
Owner Nigel Thompson said: "People are making sure they are getting value for every penny they spend and in my opinion, caravan holiday homes provide just that.
More than 150 companies will showcase the latest caravans, motorhomes, parks and the largest collection of holiday homes in the UK.