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The curve of poles of X is contained in the fibers of n and thus, since X is holomorphic in a neighborhood of a generic fiber, the fibration is naturally preserved by X.
If f : fi\E c O is holomorphic and bounded, then f has a unique holomorphic extension to fi.
In this section we study the integrability of the holomorphic distribution H and the purely real distribution [H.
3] with holomorphic solutions V (t, z, T), which extends both the classical Cauchy-Kowalevskii problem in holomorphic functions spaces near the origin in [C.
z) function is holomorphic in a locally convex neighborhood [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of ([x.
We recall that a Pick function is a holomorphic function [phi] in the upper half-plane H with [?
Penrose makes a rather compelling case that holomorphic (complex-analytic) functions provide a unified foundation on which most of modern physics can be built.
F] when [chi] occurs in the space of holomorphic automorphic forms on a quaternion algebra over F of signature ([delta], [J.
with holomorphic parameter [lambda] [member of] C by the distribution kernel in the N-picture normalized as follows:
We will develop a new cut-and-sew formalism to compute partition functions and expectation values of observables of supersymmetric gauge theories on compact manifolds through the gluing of a fundamental set of building blocks, the holomorphic blocks.
2) Global Riemannian product of a line or a circle and a Kahlerian manifold with constant holomorphic sectional curvature if k([?
He shows that the measure is the product of the squared modulus of a holomorphic function with the determinant of the imaginary part of the period matrix to the power of 13.