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Elizabeth Doyle said Telemedix has 94 digital Event Monitors and 10 Holter Monitors on order.
Of 52 patients randomized to the Holter monitor, 2 had an arrhythmia identified or excluded.
The newly cleared ultra compact Model 1303 ECG Holter Monitor is among the world's smallest and lightest, with an LCD display for real time viewing of recorded information.
This contract also provides the supply, transport the premises, installation and commissioning of two recorders Holter monitor at the University Hospital of Reims.
Jun Ma, President and CEO, who further stated that "the introduction of Model 1305 Holter Monitor last year placed Vasomedical into the patient monitoring business with a high quality digital equipment that has enjoyed international success.
Vasomedical") (OTC: VASO), a leader in the noninvasive treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases, today announced that it has received FDA 510k clearance to market Vasomedical-BIOX 1305 ECG Holter Monitor and CB Series Ambulatory ECG Analysis Software.
The problem is that the most commonly prescribed diagnostic method, the Holter monitor (first developed in the late 1940s and generally worn by a patient for 24-48 hours), rarely finds infrequent but nonetheless serious arrhythmias in many patients.
The Company has received FDA approval for two of its products, the Patch Wireless Holter Monitor and the Patch Wireless Event Monitor.