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The rabbi is going to open the Holy Ark to take out the Torah in front of everyone, and what is he going to find?
Five white kittens from a black mother born in the Holy Ark.
Harsom (High Priest, ordinary priest, scribe, or multiple functions), the curtain separating the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Sanctuary, the staves of the Holy Ark and their contact with the curtain.
In the synagogue today when for special prayers the parochet is parted and the Holy Ark is opened, the congregation rises and the worshipper has the impression that somehow he has come closer to the Divine Presence.
It might take you a little time to get into - but, once you become immersed in the world of Shining the Holy Ark, you'll never want to leave.
There can be no doubt about their identity as synagogue interiors: Each has Aramaic inscriptions, characteristic Jewish motifs like seven-branched menorahs, ramsa horns, lions, a synagogue holy ark, the lulav and etrog used on Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles), incense pans used in the long-gone Temple, and, at Beit Alfa, a scene of the biblical Binding of Isaac, with Hebrew captions.
10) Also in art, the realm of the symbolic, when portraying the menorah on the Holy Ark or on amulets, there is a desire to enhance its mystical power by arming it with Psalm 67.
In 1986, the Holy Father Himself, Pope John Paul II, of blessed memory, went to the Great Synagogue of Rome, embraced Chief Rabbi Toaff, sat with him before the Holy Ark containing the Torah scrolls, and chatted amiably and amicably, younger brother with his beloved older brother, as the Pope put it so warmly.
At least 20 windows were smashed and green paint poured over the walls and Holy Ark where sacred scrolls are kept.