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Saint Thomas Aquinas also refers to the practice of receiving Holy Communion only on the tongue.
Holy communion on Thursday at St John's Church was led by the Rev Geoff Banks, who was also the celebrant.
Oliver Smith made his first Holy Communion at Sacred Heart |and Holy Souls Church, Acocks Green.
The Rev Sue | Fairhurst explains the Holy Communion service to pupils from Telford Junior School
Easter Sunday Festival Worship, Sacrament of Holy Communion, Wallace Hurd preaching.
Once in the same city but in a different church, I saw a woman who was serving as lector being denied Holy Communion by another modernist priest.
Ulster Bank's Jim Ryan said: "First Holy Communion presents many children with their first opportunity to learn the value of money and how best to manage it.
In this time, he has observed that most Christians do not understand the potency of Holy Communion.
It shows the children at St Francis of Assisi church on the occasion of their first Holy Communion in June.
Churchgoers, Joachim Xavier and Sudhagaran Stanley, filed a police report last week accusing the monthly Al Islam magazine of desecrating the Christian practice of Holy Communion in an article written by two journalists who described how they tasted the wafer, representing the body of Jesus, and spat it out to take a photo of it.
WASHINGTON -- At the direction of Pope Benedict XVI, extraordinary ministers of holy Communion will no longer be permitted to assist in the purification of the sacred vessels at Masses in the United States.
13) during the Maundy Thursday celebration of Holy Communion.