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So those to be reconciled on Holy Thursday gathered on the Wednesday before the first Sunday of Lent.
When the washing of feet was restored as an optional Holy Thursday rite in 1955, the official church rubric said the priest should select men for the rite.
Those opposed to the inclusion of women argue that because Holy Thursday marks the foundation of both the Eucharist and the ministerial priesthood, there is an intrinsic connection to holy orders.
Holy Thursday is a poignant day for the Carthy family as John's father and grandfather also died on that day years earlier.
The Holy Thursday ceremony is usually held in a basilica in the city centre and commemorates the gesture of humility believed to have been performed by Jesus Christ for his 12 disciples at their last meal.
To squelch a couple of weeks of controversy, Bishop Nicola De Angelis of Peterborough, Canada, issued a directive to priests March 16 clarifying that women and young people did not have to be excluded from foot-washing ceremonies on Holy Thursday.
Joseph Tran Thai Phong, head of the Vinh Quang parish council, said thousands of Catholics from three neighboring parishes flocked to his parish for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses.
In April 2002, in his Holy Thursday letter to the priests of the world, Pope John Paul mentioned the sex-abuse scandals that have engulfed the American church.
The bishop announced his resignation on Holy Thursday as some of the victims demanded his resignation not be accepted so he could face the music.
If you got less than 10, I would suggest you line up plenty of folks to visit new churches on Holy Thursday after you've passed oil and hope that the line out of purgatory isn't too long.
To curb the spread of the disease, called severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, the Hong Kong diocese has suggested that the foot-washing rite during the Holy Thursday liturgy be suspended, Fr.
One of the most glaring was in the Chrism Mass of Holy Thursday, one of the most important moments underscoring the meaning and unity of the body of priests with the bishop.