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On the occasion of the Holy year 2010, this work analyses the tourism websites of the Spanish autonomous communities that are crossed by historic Jacobean routes, and in particular the portrayal of the Way of St.
The Holy Year, or Jubilee, is a year of renewal, repentance, celebration and thanksgiving to God for his many gifts,`` Gipson said.
In holy year, in the last months of the millennium, it will be a special time.
Italy's most prominent millennium event, the Great Jubilee of 2000, is a uniquely sacred celebration: a Holy Year that begins on Christmas Eve 1999 and will last through 2000.
Hudak explained that while European hotels are famed for their charm and service, they must also provide appropriate fire protection and security in the face of possible terrorist attacks launched during the, Holy Year.
He had negotiated a rise during the Holy Year of 1575, after turning down the offer of a return to S.
Delayed by the Second World War, it became a reality only during the 1950 Holy Year.
But the holy year should be agrarian reform and the socialization of all means of production.
At the close of the Holy Year of the Redemption in 1984, Pope John Paul II entrusted to the young people of the world a wooden Cross, asking them to carry it across the world as a sign of the love of Jesus for humankind.
28 -- The Catholic Church at the close of its Holy Year of Mercy is blessed with roses in winter.
Her legacy complements Pope Francis's vision of a humble church that strives to serve the poor, and the festivities are a highlight of his Holy Year of Mercy, which runs until Nov.