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Each represents a distinct reflection of Jerusalem in the medieval English mind: as goal of pilgrimage, prize of crusade, holy relic, focus of devotional meditation, instrument for Christian unification and regeneration.
This is a holy relic added to the many others in the same room where a small piece of the Life Giving Cross is also viewed.
The BJP spokesman Prakash Javedkar drew parallels between the present situation and the turmoil IHK had witnessed during the controversy of the theft of the holy relic from the Hazratbal shrine in 1963.
Death is a powerful and recurring theme, including an invitation to reflect on how Lenin's body came to be treated like a holy relic of a Christian saint.
Crowned with too many handles to serve any practical use, the quirky jug seems installed as a holy relic, adding further perplexity to the surrounding iconic finery ruffled and bunched on the walls and floor.
She would lick the tip of her finger and make tiny circular motions on the holy relic fabric so that it got a little wet, and then she would put her finger back into her mouth.
This is a treat indeed, set in 1100 and revolving around a priceless holy relic entrusted to an English knight.
Any chance of a holy relic doing something positive?
Little wonder the car is positioned and lit like a holy relic.
It's a holy object because the belief of the believer transcends and changes the wood into a holy relic," he told me.
The President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksha, while receiving the Holy Relic said, "Lord Buddha is a true epitome of peace, and this gift to the Nation by His Holiness is a true recognition of the efforts of the country to follow the path of peace and harmony.
The soil upon which Gandhi fell is of particular significance to the Indian nation and is like a holy relic.