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And both treat the city of Jerusalem as a physical object containing within itself immense numinous power: that, as a holy relic.
80), and marvel at brightly polished, jewel-encrusted gold crowns, holy relics, rich vestments, Charlemagne's Saber, the Burgundian treasure and room after room lined with art and treasure.
Braving severe cold, thousands of devotees including women and children thronged Srinagar's Dargah Hazratbal that houses the holy relic of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW).
It is 1453 and Luca Vero, inquisitive and highly intelligent, has been chosen by the Church to travel and investigate signs of "end days" rather than being excommunicated for questioning the validity of his monastery's holy relic.
The soil upon which Gandhi fell is of particular significance to the Indian nation and is like a holy relic.
Various doctrinal pronouncements dating back to the 6th Synod of Carthage (393) decreed that, to be consecrated, an altar must contain a holy relic.
This is a holy relic added to the many others in the same room where a small piece of the Life Giving Cross is also viewed.
In the twentieth century, however, the Grail undergoes a major transformation; it is no longer a holy relic imbued with sacramental meaning in the popular imagination but a mirror of individual symbolic meanings.
Anthony describes Caesar's body as a holy relic, imagining the citizens who will "go and kiss dead Caesar's wounds / And dip their napkins in his sacred blood" (3.
Their results were published in newspapers around the world and sparked a flurry of interest in what may be the last holy relic to challenge the limits of modern science.
As he emerged with the holy relic intact, many in the crowd outside wept.
More than that, though, she said "this particular book has never been regarded merely as a museum curiosity, of interest only to scholars and connoisseurs, but has kept something of the mystique of a holy relic, even into the 20th Century".