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Therefore, Bluetooth and HomeRF could further segment and cloud an already confusing wireless landscape.
The HomeRF Working Group was formed to provide the foundation for a broad range of interoperable consumer devices by establishing an open industry standard (SWAP Specification) for wireless digital communication between PCs and consumer electronic devices.
The two companies will also make co-branded HomeRF products available in Europe and Latin America and carry out joint sales and marketing activities.
Symphony HomeRF for the Mac is an interference-resistant, 10 Mbps wireless networking solution for the home and small office markets.
AT&T looks forward to working with HomeRF members and other home networking groups to develop new applications and to offer a smooth migration path from today's analog telephone services to a new generation of multimedia services we'll offer over AT&T's broadband networks," said Steve Huels, transport products and services vice president, AT&T Consumer.
The concept demonstration will show how HomeRF technology and products can effectively deliver to end-users broadband-intensive applications at top Internet speeds using a wired VDSL network in apartment buildings, hotels, and commercial and campus-type buildings.
4 GHz in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), as well as in Bluetooth and HomeRF applications or in proprietary unlicensed radio systems.
Proxim Symphony products that now support Windows XP include the complete suite of newly announced Symphony HomeRF products, based on HomeRF 2.
4-GHz-ISM (see footnote 1), Bluetooth (class 1), data, HomeRF DECT, proprietary radios and WLAN FHSS (see footnote 2) applications.