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Both Bush's Office of Homeland Security, established by executive order on October 8th, and Clinton's Homelands Defense Command, appear to be derived from the Hart-Rudman Commission's original recommendation for a "National Homeland Security Agency.
He also discussed the trends he observed in the Homeland Security market and how Homeland Safety intended to exploit those trends.
In addition to homeland security applications, commercial applications include banks, casinos, supermarkets, photographers, corporate security and others.
Homeland Security Capital is a consolidator in the fragmented homeland security industry.
Uponus has targeted applications for homeland security, military, and intelligence agencies as well as for companies in the entertainment, financial services, and healthcare fields, where existing compression and encryption standards do not meet the needs of users.
Homeland Security Stocks, a leading portal for disseminating information about companies in the Homeland Defense Sector, was established to help investors better understand the publicly traded companies that play a role in protecting our homeland.
Other homeland security companies with products in these areas include the video surveillance camera company IPIX (OTCBB: IPIX), the mass transit-related surveillance equipment company Global ePoint (NASDAQ: GEPT), perimeter security company Magal Security Systems, Ltd.
In a strategic move that sets them apart from many companies in the Homeland Security Sector, ECSI capitalizes on revenue opportunities from both the domestic Homeland Security anti-terrorism market and the market for systems to protect our troops and facilities against terrorism threats in hot-spots like Afghanistan and Iraq.
GVI Security Solutions has put an emphasis on end-to-end Homeland Security solutions with their MTIVS (Mass Transit Intelligent Video Surveillance) program and a full range of enterprise security solutions including Intelligent Video Threat Detection, CCTV, Digital Video Recording, Access Control, Rapid Access Portals, Video IT Based Networking, Integrated Command and Control, and Perimeter Control systems.
The company's forecast is based upon the anticipated continued revenue growth in its higher margin Enterprise, Professional and Homeland Security products (EPHS) and the expectation that sales of its retail products will return to historical levels during the second half of the year.
Rosetti are solutions that are offered by GVI Security a provider of complete video surveillance and security solutions incorporating a complete line of video surveillance, access control and detection systems to the homeland security, professional, business-to-business and retail market segments.
com Announces New Participants to its Online Homeland Security Investor and Industry Conference Being Hosted September 21st, 2005

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