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HPV is regarded as a protective and homeostatic mechanism that improves systemic oxygenation.
The 'expert' level of practice evolves when the registered healthcare practitioner has internalised knowledge and professional values are contextualised to a particular individual undergoing healthcare interventions, with regard to specific anatomy and physiology, homeostatic mechanisms and the healing process.
The homeostatic mechanism is affected as a sleep debt accumulates.
In other words, there must have been some kind of homeostatic mechanism that caused death rates to rise or birth rates to fall when an episode of rapid growth produced a greatly enlarged population within a given area, and a mechanism that caused lower death rates or higher birth rates when numbers were depleted.
Coordinating food intake and nutrient stores with energy requirements is a key homeostatic mechanism referred to as energy homeostasis.
This paper recommends that Keynesian and monetarist views about the transmission mechanism and the homeostatic mechanism are fundamentally different and provide bases for discriminatory tests.
The gene, G protein receptor kinase 3 (GRK3), controls a homeostatic mechanism that modulates the neuron response to dopamine and other neurotransmitters.
The extracellular fluid (or plasma) calcium concentration is tightly controlled by a complex homeostatic mechanism involving fluxes of calcium between the extracellular fluid (ECF) [1] and the kidney, bone, and gut.
Nevertheless, these data indicate the existence of a reliable homeostatic mechanism in steady-state conditions.
During the fight against the heat stress, if the bird is not able to cope with the heat, the exhaustive phase leads to disturbance in the homeostatic mechanisms resulting in the death of the birds (Khan et al.
It should be helped only in diseased conditions, when these homeostatic mechanisms are no longer properly working.