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The other approach would be to develop tests on the basis of differing views of Keynesians and monetarists with respect to the homeostatic mechanism.
The homeostatic mechanisms that regulate its entry into, distribution in and excretion from cells and tissues are so efficient that no disorders are known to be associated with its excessive accumulation in contrast to iron, copper, mercury and other metals (2).
HPV is regarded as a protective and homeostatic mechanism that improves systemic oxygenation.
It seems reasonable to suppose that some kind of homeostatic mechanism was in operation.
Coordinating food intake and nutrient stores with energy requirements is a key homeostatic mechanism referred to as energy homeostasis.
She explains, "We know that appetitive responses are highly regulated by homeostatic mechanisms in the hypothalamus portion of the brain, including hormones and dopamine.
consider inhibition of iodine uptake a nonadverse effect because it is only temporary and because compensatory homeostatic mechanisms would not allow actual declines in thyroid hormone to occur.
Abstract: The pineal gland is an enigma within the central nervous system that appears to exert tremendous control over the homeostatic mechanisms of the body.
It regulates many aspects of embryonic development and is involved in many homeostatic mechanisms.