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Therefore, a network structure with different properties from those of a homogeneous mixture of networks is obtained, in this case with a higher degree of crosslinking than expected.
PROCEDURE: Prepare phase A by combining all organic actives and warm (~40[degrees]C) until the avobenzone and benzo-phenone-3 are dissolved and form a homogeneous mixture.
Key statement: The present invention is directed to a process for preparing a polymer modified bituminous binder composition in the substantial absence of crosslinking agents by heating a bitumen component in a stirred tank to a temperature from 160[degrees]C to 221[degrees]C; adding a block copolymer composition to the bitumen component while the bitumen component is being stirred to form a homogeneous mixture of the bitumen component and the block copolymer composition; and continuing to stir the homogeneous mixture while maintaining the temperature from 180[degrees]C to 221[degrees]C for a total period of time from four hours to 30 hours, thereby forming a cured polymer modified bituminous binder composition.
The advantages of having vapor state fuel induction are air and vapor mixing results in homogeneous mixture.
The vermicomposts are much darker than the original materials and form compost-like, homogeneous mixture after just 180 days.
Averaged error values for each of the semi-empirical models presented (with reference to Equations (20) to (25)) in comparison with the experimental values for different types of beds and bed materials Material Type Homogeneous mixture UP-St.
A The objective in obtaining accurate post-transfusion blood counts is to obtain a sample that is a homogeneous mixture of patient and donor cells.
The throat of the barrel must be fed a homogeneous mixture of virgin, regrind, and colorant.
Emission reductions come from burning a homogeneous mixture of diesel fuel and air at lower than normal temperatures.
Still, I have tried to exorcise from this publication the word solution--unless, of course, it refers to a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances or the answer to a math problem.
But those who are edgy about leaving their comfort zone often confuse the term to mean interdiffusion, or as Webster puts it, the process of mixing freely so as to approach a homogeneous mixture.