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Later, Formulation 1 containing the different surfactants, which will be referred to as Formulation 10-17 hereafter, was stirred to achieve a homogenous mixture at 2000 rpm for 30 min.
Add Phase B with sufficient agitation to obtain a homogenous mixture.
Since only air and vapor can form perfect homogenous mixture, in this system the fuel is injected in to the manifold at a temperature close to the flash point of the fuel being used in a stream of heated air being inducted the fuel instantly vaporizes and produces a homogenous charge.
Moreover, a uniform structure can be obtained by creating a good homogenous mixture, consisting of hard grains included in a strong fundamental structure.
The combination of static and dynamic mixing procedures in the iNOEX SAVEOMAT multi-component dosing station ensures that liquid and solid materials are merged into a homogenous mixture.