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Losing Joe Christmas to a barely closeted older homosexual is for Percy heaping insult on injury, further eroding his masculinity and exacerbating his homosexual panic.
Quentin's and Shreve's awakening that the novel figures as a marriage in language, coupled with the repressed knowledge of the similar sexual desire of the past, induces a form of homosexual panic in Quentin similar to the panic displayed by Henry Sutpen.
Or is homosexual panic when you've invited 14 people over for Pride Day brunch and you've promised to make your famous free-range egg and three-cheese souffle and you set the alarm for seven so you can take the little boat across to the Public Market on Granville Island for organic veggies and fresh goat cheese and you spend all morning chopping, sauteeing and marinating all the ingredients just so, and everyone's waiting at the dining room table, a champagne and orange juice in hand and you've bragged to them all week about your famous free-range egg and three-cheese souffle and you go back to the kitchen and open the oven to discover your souffle has fallen over and is as flat as a pancake?
26) At its most severe, individuals laboring under an acute aggression panic episode would undergo a personality dissociation and were likely to react with dangerous hatred toward others because homosexual panic induced autonomic reactions, wherein the afflicted felt threatened by undue malignant influence, physical violence, or impending death.
This initial sympathetic recognition of the soldier complicates itself drastically as Wordsworth revises: homosexual panic asserts itself, danger dominates desire, and Wordsworth more than half detaches the passages themselves, metaphorically emasculating the veteran in the process of attempting to spiritualize his significance.
Boone shows how the heroine's consciousness of her oppression as a white woman is shaped by her experiences in colonial Southern Rhodesia, demonstrating the way her homosexual panic both represents her discomfort with her own femininity and compromises the novel's critique of other kinds of oppression.
b]ecause the paths of male entitlement, especially in the nineteenth century, required certain intense male bonds that were not readily distinguishable from the most reprobated bonds, an endemic and ineradicable state of what I am calling male homosexual panic became the normal condition of male heterosexual entitlement.
During Proust's visit, however, he seems to have experienced a sort of homosexual panic, and all he did was break a chamber pot.
An ambitious breakthrough for Busch as a playwright, Allergist's Wife is much more nuanced than The Altruists yet shares with Silver's play a crucial moment of homosexual panic on the part of its leading lady.
There is properly noted evidence of queer canoodling among the artists, many of whom were suffering from homosexual panic related to their careers but were nonetheless randy.
But the state of Kentucky is contemplating a law that would actually codify homosexual panic, in essence, as a justification for the use of lethal force.
Highsmith's novel, for example, is infused with homosexual panic.