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HONESTY. That principle which requires us to give every one his due. Nul ne doit slenrichir aux de ens du droit d'autrui.
     2. The very object of social order is to promote honesty, and to restrain dishonesty; to do justice and to prevent injustice. It is no less a maxim of law than of religion, do unto others as you wish to be done by.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'If it becomes part of a person's system, it (honesty) will be more useful to greater things such as honesty in clean public service and transacting inside and outside of the municipal hall,' he said in an interview Thursday.
Mabata's new Honesty pop-up shop will operate during the summer months of 2019 as a 24/7 un-manned shop and offers a 24/7 remote support help line to assist any customer that requires further help to make their purchase.
All this came into sharp focus for me this week when I was presented with an honesty bar.
This was written by me to accompany an Honesty Campaign I launched as a Rotary Club of Manila project at the height of the euphoria over the Edsa 1 Revolution that ended a most dishonest government regime.
Fact, truth, and honesty, therefore, are not only about morals and ethics; they have more primordial purposes.
"Ang sabi ko, hindi ang opposition ang magsasabi kung ano dapat ang isang kandidato at hindi issue ang honesty dahil hindi yan requirement para ka maging kandidato ," she added.
"Sinasabi ko, sa kanilang lahat, walang isang kandidato d'yan na hindi nagsisinungaling kaya hindi dapat nagiging issue ang honesty ngayon (I tell you, there is no candidate who does not lie so honesty should not be an issue now)," Carpio was quoted saying last March 6.
'Leni Robredo should avoid commenting about honesty and integrity.
Eleven students in third, fourth and fifth grades worked with Colleen Biere, Holy Family Catholic Academy's International Baccalaureate World School coordinator to draft Holy Family Catholic Academy's Academic Honesty Policy.
The healthcare sector scored high on honesty in general with doctors and pharmacists also among the top-three with 67 and 66 percent respectively.
SIR Tom Jones has said he will be listening for "honesty" and "originality" from singers in the upcoming series of The Voice.