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It took that incident for everyone to realize that the teachers in our school really do take the honor code seriously," says Kaitlyn.
Under advice from her attorney, Barney chose not to participate in BYU's honor code hearing, after which the university blocked her from registering for classes.
Academic integrity policy, honor code, code of conduct, and an honor statement to address cheating require ownership by administrators, faculty, and students.
The university honor code entreats students to abide by the core values of the university, one of which is freedom, but two others of which are individual opportunity and responsibility," Vincent said a prepared statement.
If an existing honor code seems ineffectual, the situation may call for reinvigorating the code (Yardley et al.
WHAT MAKES THE HONOR CODE MEANINGFUL is the fact that you can so easily cheat: Instead of policing you, the university is placing students in a position where they must consciously choose to be honest.
The large size of many universities makes the implementation of a traditional honor code difficult, but a culture of the disapproval of cheating may still decrease academic dishonesty.
Honor codes are simply written statements which communicate to the students the importance of academic integrity as a core institutional value.
It is from this distinction that most of Appiah's philosophically interesting work in The Honor Code ultimately flows.
At the end of The Honor Code Appiah describes two such individuals-to powerful effect.
As Smith, Nolan and Dai (1998) point out, however, faculty members do make direct contributions to honor code enforcement.
When teachers reduce the opportunities for cheating, create classwide and schoolwide codes for academic integrity, and provide reminders of the school honor code, students are less likely to cheat.