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This elucidation of casual and careful swearing, in turn, underscores the metamorphosis in the honor code since it demonstrates the change in the use of the word.
0%) Honors students surveyed believe the honor code does not prevent cheating.
She argues that the honor code at the University of Central Florida's Burnett Honors College is a defining element of its community.
The discipline was for violations of the school's honor code.
Academic studies have shown that students from a university with an ethical commitment and effective honor code display higher ethical behavior in the workforce than those who were not exposed to honor codes during college.
The University of Maryland is credited with pioneering the XF approach for addressing cheating in 1990 when it adopted what it calls a "modified honor code," which, unlike traditional honor codes, relies on the XF grade rather than expulsion as the punishment of choice.
Turns out someone saw the two men holding hands and reported Grierson to BYU's honor code office.
If your school has an honor code, your decision should be a little clearer.
Further, while the contributions implicitly reflect the aim of the volume to examine the historically specific ways "that the culture of honor was modified over time in response to the development of distinctive regional cultures" (6), only Ann Twinam's essay directly addresses the question, proposing that the honor code was particularly restrictive in the Caribbean and northern South America and increasingly so during the eighteenth century.
Like a university honor code that, once transgressed, is replaced by a book of detailed stipulations, the exploitation of tacit commercial understandings results in a stifling profusion of contractual particulars.
DASH stands for Driver's seat, Auto care, Safety around cars and Honor code.
The BYU Honor Code, created in the 1940s, states ''men are expected to be clean-shaven'' and beards are not acceptable.