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CCTV of a hooded man driven to a home in New Marske
Chief Inspector Nigel Harrison said police were investigating a sighting of a hooded man on the bridge at the time.
A WOMAN had a knife thrust in her face by a hooded man who attempted to mug her as she used a Leamington cash machine.
Sister Lorna, aged 72,was a short walk from her convent when a hooded man ran up behind her and snatched her handbag as she walked through a park.
The hooded man struck at Odds n Ends in Duke Street, Glasgow, and got away with more than pounds 1000 after threatening the shopkeeper.
Instead, it's the Sheriff of Nottingham who emerges as the hero, as he tries to stop the brutish hooded man from looting villages and bedding a string of women.
A CLUBBER told a court she saw a hooded man hand a gun to Michael Hanley's killer and urge him to "load it".
Officers think the same hooded man may have targeted the women as they walked in Penarth.
First thing in the morning the hooded man comes back to me frozen in terror atop his box.
Police were still hunting a hooded man seen leaving the widow's home the night she was murdered.
A hooded man was seen leaving Mrs Hughes's home, in Aber- morddu, near Wrexham, on the night that she was attacked.
In my final shot, I stressed the rusting machinery incongruously rising out of the desert's wild beauty and juxtaposed it with the hooded man standing on the crest of a distant hill--a lone, almost arrogant figure amidst the ruins of a once prosperous town.