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On May 10, President Duterte said the hooded man in the videos was a creation of Trillanes and the opposition coalition in the midterm elections.
"A woman in her 20s had been walking down the street and when she passed an alleyway a hooded man appeared and grabbed her.
"Chillingly during his journey up Main Street he is being followed by a hooded man. We need to establish who this man is, I believe that someone within the community knows him.
Reuters could not immediately verify the video, which showed a hooded man standing over Goto with a knife held to his throat, followed by footage of a body with a head placed on it.
A PEDESTRIAN has been hit in the leg by a hooded man firing a small gun.
In beauty we have our picks of the best perk-me-up foundations for winter skin and this week in crime we hear the story of a women who claimed her husband was murdered by a hooded man. Plus we have all your regular favourites.
A HOODED man who "groped" a woman as she was walking through New Street Station has been jailed for 12 weeks.
Chief Inspector Nigel Harrison said police were investigating a sighting of a hooded man on the bridge at the time.
A WOMAN had a knife thrust in her face by a hooded man who attempted to mug her as she used a Leamington cash machine.
The hooded man struck at Odds n Ends in Duke Street, Glasgow, and got away with more than pounds 1000 after threatening the shopkeeper.
Instead, it's the Sheriff of Nottingham who emerges as the hero, as he tries to stop the brutish hooded man from looting villages and bedding a string of women.
A CLUBBER told a court she saw a hooded man hand a gun to Michael Hanley's killer and urge him to "load it".