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The band, herewith to be known as The Hookeys, delivered an all-Irish set with their playlist featuring Irish favourites like The Fields Of Athenry, Wild Rover, Dirty Old Town and Streams Of Whiskey.
BROOKSIDE (S4C) Tim and Steve are frustrated they can't spend their cash,and have to accept a removal job from Hookey to keep up appearances -but romance blossoms when the former meets someone while on the job.
I would especially like to hear from Gillian Roberts, Sylvia Else, Janet Peacock, Janet Gilbert, the Hookey sisters, Janet Eyre, Elsie Walker, Myrtle Pridmore, Hilary Chant, Jacqueline Noon and Iris Hall whom I remember from the mid-1950s.
As Hookey has pointed out, the courts raised doubts as far back as 1836 over whether New Holland had been peacefully settled or conquered, and what this entailed for the legal status of the Indigenous inhabitants.
Spending a school day at the cinema may seem like playing hookey, but it is what thousands of pupils and students will be doing from tomorrow.
Sunday People last week) Surely if a child is playing hookey from school he or she won't bother with either.
The Tivoli theatre where Tom "went to the movies" still operates on Delmar Boulevard and the Jewel Box where Laura played hookey still decorates Forest Park.
The bells are those of school as well as church, the teacher Chalkstick's bicycle bells (M, 19, 22) and "the sound of schoolbells / squares: triangles: hookey hockey matches//desks: gas chambers: forward march" (M, 24).
There were very intimate details; there were a lot of things about leaving school and not going to class and playing hookey, but there was also the experience of the first time I menstruated, and I remember just being shattered.
My dad, when I came back here to practice law, let me play hookey to write for National Geographic and other publications," Griffin Jr.
That's all we do," commented Mark Hookey, Founder and CEO of DemystData.
HOOKEY James (Jim) Peacefully at Churchview Nursing Home on October 24, Jim aged 94 years.