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The band, herewith to be known as The Hookeys, delivered an all-Irish set with their playlist featuring Irish favourites like The Fields Of Athenry, Wild Rover, Dirty Old Town and Streams Of Whiskey.
The fact was that kid, a doctor's kid as like any other kid, had played hookey, go figure--and anyway, Dr.
Hookey names these regimes of terror visually, countering contemporary media images which render state terrorisms virtually unnameable and unseeable.
Whenever the House is sitting I'm in London ( I do not play hookey.
Robert plays hookey from school to get stoned with recently expelled thug Joe (Ryan Winsley) and sweet-natured but easily led Ben (Charles Mnene).
I used to play hookey from school and sneak into shows.
2004: International Spengler Cup': ice hookey tournament
But eagle-eyed bosses keen to maintain productivity and profit margins are fighting back on the employees who play hookey on company time.
Other suggestions as to the origin of hoagie include: hoke sandwich, favored by hoboes who were on the hoke; a reference to the pork or hog meat in the sandwich; honky sandwich, called that by blacks who saw whites eating them; and hookey sandwich, favored by kids skipping school who would buy them from sidewalk vendors.
BROOKSIDE (S4C) Tim and Steve are frustrated they can't spend their cash,and have to accept a removal job from Hookey to keep up appearances -but romance blossoms when the former meets someone while on the job.
43) In 1984, a prescient piece by Hookey (44) critically examined the approach of the plaintiffs in Coe v Commonwealth (45) and suggested that there was support for the non-conventional view.
He was scheduled to pitch in Chicago, so my son played hookey from school and I did the same from work.