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Tournament organisers UEFA have already expressed serious concern about hooligans in Poland, which local authorities say are closely alligned to organised crime gangs.
In response to the news that Welsh hooligans were being recruited for such groups, Mohammad Asghar, Plaid Assembly Member for South Wales East, called for greater understanding between people of different religions.
I see that they the Football League are been referred to as the Hooligan Football League.
Police said it appears to be related to a feud between rival hooligan groups.
DARK episodes from Tyneside's shameful hooligan past can today be laid bare.
Seeking help from police would have invited the wrath of the hooligans.
There were a number of incidents of hooliganism last year and many Scottish clubs still have active hooligans following them.
More likely determined and intelligence-led policing has dealt a major blow to the hooligan gangs.
One of those football hooligans boasted about how they planned to riot and hurl racist abuse at black England stars such as Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole.
Il m'a confirme que d'apres son experience, les hooligans subissent un phenomene de troupeaux pendant les matchs.
The show also featured Stuart and Moira Loftus, whose 35-year-old son Christopher was knifed to death by football hooligans in Istanbul in April 2000.
1) Elijah Wood is an American student who, upon visiting England, gets caught up in soccer-fueled street fighting between rival ``firms'' in ``Green Street Hooligans.