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Horizontal position of the carrying structure and turning to left during maximal resistance of digging;
They can put their strips anywhere on their paper as long as they are in a vertical or horizontal position.
The side-rail design uses a UHMW guided cross block to control the height and horizontal position of a one-half-inch diameter steel bar to which the side rail is mounted.
A tailstock can be added for collision-free machining even when the tool is in the horizontal position.
If approved, warning labels would have been required to be printed in red or black type on a white background surrounded by a lined border, bear a red triangular icon with an exclamation mark inside, have "Government Warning" in type 15% larger than the text and be positioned in a "prominent place on the front of the container in a horizontal position.
Once it is secure, the reel can be swung round to the horizontal position and moved forward to load the reel on the mandrel.
This distance can be adjusted by changing your handlebar extension and/or adjusting the horizontal position of the saddle.
It is in a horizontal position and has a larger-than-normal diameter.
For example: A woman attending one of my Northern California workshops told me she cannot sleep in a horizontal position.
A refined piece of engineering (and development of a moving table and wall at Archive), the plane of glass is a mirror when upright and a reflective table when swung into a horizontal position.
If he stood there and exchanged with him - like Vargas so bravely did - he doubtless would have wound up in a horizontal position, too.
Instead, slowly bring your legs up, lie in a horizontal position, and float on your back.