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Inspired by the underwater flight of these powerful creatures, guests will fly face-down, in a horizontal position, underneath the belly of a coaster train shaped as a giant manta.
Horizontal position of the carrying structure and turning to left during maximal resistance of digging;
Standing Log Bar Chest Press (Photo 3): Using a log bar, which is a descendant of implements used in old-time strongmen competitions, stagger your stance in a solid, bentknee, "football ready position," and press the bar out and in at chest level for designated reps, or until it can no longer be held in the horizontal position.
The unique Safety Gate EX3 is constructed from extruded polyvinylchloride (PVC) and has a counterbalance system to help keep the gate in raised vertical position or in the closed horizontal position.
After solidification has progressed from the casting extremities to just beyond the gate, the machine rotates back to a horizontal position, causing the molten magnesium in the transfer pipe to separate from the small solidifying sprue formed in the gate area.
The 1402-XR 4" Extended Range Ball Marker has a self-leveling design insuring accurate, horizontal position regardless of how it is placed in the ground, making the job of precisely locating underground power facilities easier.
The new ThinkVision L171p, continuing with the leadership tradition that characterizes Lenovo, can be left in the standard horizontal position to work with documents better adapted to this format, or can be rotated to the vertical position when working with websites or with word processing documents.
ROBIN REID was close to tears after being put on his back four times by IBF super-middleweight champ Jeff Lacy last weekend, but it seems the Runcorn brawler is no stranger to the horizontal position.
Lower the bed to the lowest horizontal position when finished or when leaving the bedside.
It features a small bowl size, which limits intake and aids with swallowing, and a swivel motion that allows the bowl of the spoon to remain in a horizontal position.
The side-rail design uses a UHMW guided cross block to control the height and horizontal position of a one-half-inch diameter steel bar to which the side rail is mounted.
A tailstock can be added for collision-free machining even when the tool is in the horizontal position.