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Hormone therapy remains the most effective treatment for relief of hot flashes, a fact not likely to change soon, said Schiff, chairman of the hormone therapy task force for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Women who are discontinuing hormone therapy may benefit from alternative sleep management strategies immediately following discontinuation," she suggested.
Of this group, 518 were randomized to continue hormone therapy, 452 to suspend therapy for a period of 1 month, and 435 to suspend it for 2 months.
We now have a refined understanding of the benefits and risks of hormone therapy and the evidence is now mounting that a woman's age and amount of time since onset of menopause influences her health outcomes on estrogen, particularly the risk of heart disease," Dr.
Women in all age groups saw an increased risk of stroke from hormone therapy, the new analysis confirms.
Hormone therapy is effective for hot flashes, and its short-term use may be worth the risks for some women with severe symptoms.
The prospective studies provided information on 12,110 postmenopausal ovarian cancer cases, 55% of whom had used hormone therapy with a median duration of 6 years.
Past users showed a much smaller increase risk of bleeding, while increasing duration of hormone therapy was significantly associated with increasing risk of major and low gastrointestinal bleeding.
In hormone therapy, medications containing female hormones replace the ones the body stops making during menopause.
Donovitz will be speaking on the impact of bio-identical hormone therapy on male and female patients.
Department of Defense and the first of four Phase 2 studies planned for OGX- 011 in 2005, is designed to assess the safety and efficacy of OGX-011 in prostate cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant hormone therapy.

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