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A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "On arrival, crews discovered three people who had been injured when the horse and cart they were travelling in had been in collision with a car.
Rag an' bone men with their horse and carts are still occasionally to be seen around the streets but mostly they use a flat backed lorry.
I was in the pub one night and jokingly said I should get a horse and cart.
Members of Woolton in Bloom prepare the horse and cart flower bed for the judges Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL/m b070808wooltonbloom-1
It was sent in by George Haddon, of Shilton Lane, Bulkington, and shows him and his horse and cart from his old mobile greengrocers' business.
A BBC spokeswoman said: "The driver of a horse and cart suffered minor injuries during filming yesterday morning.
I think running an insurgent campaign for the Presidency can help put the horse and cart in proper order.
Arthur Brown, a greengrocer, also had a horse and cart.
Keiji Hayashi, project and business development for event organisers Hankyu Hanshin Express UK Ltd added: "The British Fair is always a great success and last year a real London Taxi brought in a lot of interest, and we are sure the Ringtons horse and cart will be just as popular.
Saltburn Bank is still tricky to tackle whether you're in a 21st century motor or a horse and cart.
IN the 1930s/40s down the docks area, there was a rag-and-bone man with a horse and cart, who cruised the streets of the area plying his trade.
Bread was delivered the same way - by horse and cart - and my daughter would feed the horses.