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A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "On arrival, crews discovered three people who had been injured when the horse and cart they were travelling in had been in collision with a car.
A summer holiday for Cyril King meant a day trip to Redcar every August in the 1920s with the other kids of Great Ayton - by horse and cart.
A womAn badly hurt when a runaway horse and cart ploughed into a country fair crowd died yesterday.
Rory Tompsett, based in Hawarden, North Wales, has turned back the clock and swapped his van for a horse and cart.
After paying LE2,500 to the district's head thief, the arbagi got his horse and cart back.
IN the 1930s/40s down the docks area, there was a rag-and-bone man with a horse and cart, who cruised the streets of the area plying his trade.
Shoppers stepped back in time as an old-fashioned horse and cart delivered drinks in Huddersfield town centre.
The theme of this year's competition is Roots, which has been incorporated into the village's display through a horse and cart feature on the Kings Drive/Speke Road junction reflecting Woolton's roots in the sandstone quarrying industry.
It was sent in by George Haddon, of Shilton Lane, Bulkington, and shows him and his horse and cart from his old mobile greengrocers' business.
The person with the horse and cart is Billy Byatt, our local `trotter.
A BBC spokeswoman said: "The driver of a horse and cart suffered minor injuries during filming yesterday morning.
I think running an insurgent campaign for the Presidency can help put the horse and cart in proper order.