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If you hope to train in a particular riding style make sure that your horse stable provides that type of training.
He then added he thought the move was a land grab by money hungry developers desperate to get hold of the horse stables on Manhattan's West Side.
Investigators did a door-to-door sweep of houses, storage sheds and horse stables.
Abdul Aziz bin Mansoor al-Shanfari, Director General of Agriculture and Livestock in Dhofar Governorate pointed out that the agriculture census does not include anything outside the agricultural deed, such as house gardens, parks, pastures, plant farms outside the fields, agricultural and animal research plants, horse stables, race camel farms, agricultural tools sale shops, production supplies, such as seeds, fertilizers, pest control materials, vet medicines and places for temporary gathering of animal for marketing.
SAUGUS - As hundreds of firefighters battled a blaze Saturday that had burned 5,700 acres in Bouquet Canyon, the owners of movie ranches and horse stables in the area were busy surveying the damage and counting their blessings.
However, we saw value in the large parcel of land, and today a successful 600,000 square-foot retail center, housing the Home Depot EXPO Design Center, Target and Babies 'R' Us has arisen where horse stables once stood.
It's a steady and stiff little climb of just over a mile, but it's an exceedingly pleasant one - taking in the golf course, the horse stables, a picnic area and terminating at the sprawling hillside gardens themselves.
Parola and associates trapped sandflies near dog kennels and horse stables surrounding Marseille and Nice over 7 days during the summer of 2005.
Whatever the reason, the seventh and eighth holes ceased to exist and horse stables were erected in the area, then abandoned.
Besides his working ranch, Lederer built horse stables, also in the Spanish Mission style, in a nearby walnut grove.
So far the city believes that to build the connectors, only a group of horse stables would have to be taken.
The property sits atop a steep, curving road in a peaceful, secluded Hasley Canyon neighborhood, typified by rolling brush-covered hills, horse stables, mature trees, and many estate-style homes on large lots.