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MATRON. A married woman, generally an elderly married woman.
     2. By the laws of England, when a widow feigns herself with child, in order to exclude the next heir, and a suppositious birth is expected, then, upon the writ de ventre inspiciendo, a jury of women is to be, impanelled to try the question, whether with child or not. Cro, Eliz. 566. So when a woman was sentenced to death, and she declared herself to be quick with child, a jury of matrons is impanelled to try whether she be or be not with child. 4 Bl. Com. 395. See Pregnancy; Quick with child.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Bassong's tribute to 33-yearold Neil - stricter than a hospital matron, more fiery than a steam train's boiler - spoke volumes for a Scot who comes from Belshill, the Lanarkshire town where Sir Matt Busby was born.
Hospital matron Elsie Colebrook is shown third right with others including Brigadier Claude Fairweather, chairman of the hospital management committee (right), standing next to Alderman Mrs Louise Burton.
Hospital matron's son Dominic Pullen, 21, assaulted two men in a row over a queue for the toilets in Glam Bar, Cardiff, and had previously been convicted of an offence at the city's Oceana club.
Hospital matron Carol Atkin put leaflets out asking for volunteers last year after attending an inspiring conference.
When hospital matron Kate Prevc, a former pupil at Cardinal Newman Catholic School, needed a video about hand washing she came up with the idea of asking the media club at her old school.
The 25th New Zealand recipient of the International Red Cross Committee's Florence Nightingale Medal, Andrew Cameron, and the hospital matron who first hired him 35 years ago, Vera Ellen, were reunited at Government House in Wellington last month, where the official award ceremony was held.
"Come on, you won't melt!" she would announce in the tones of an old-fashioned hospital matron, adding that the dog needed his exercise whatever the weather might throw at us.
Jones, the hospital matron in St Asaph, had been close to Denzil's widow in the 1960s, I searched for Lucy's Will, and found she had left some papers to Flintshire Archives.
Seen as a vocation rather than a profession, nursing was based on the pillars of obedience, service and hard work--principles strongly enforced by a rigid hierarchical structure headed by the formidable hospital matron.
Sick health service READING about the state of the Health Service makes me wish they would bring back the hospital matron, auxiliary staff medical superintendent and the cleaners.
She couldn't believe it when Spire Yale Hospital Matron Linda Jones called her into her office to deliver the good news.

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