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To assume control or management of a corporation without necessarily obtaining actual title to it.

A takeover bid or tender offer is a proposal made by one company to purchase shares of stock of another company, in order to acquire control thereof.


Mergers and Acquisitions.


noun acquirement of a corporation, acquisition of a company, appropriation, assumption of control over management, assumption of ownership, obtainment, procurement, procurement of a business, purchase: acquirement, assumption, attainment, possession, procuration, securement
Associated concepts: corporate raider, corporate takeover, friendly takeover, hostile takeover, tender offer, white knight


verb arrogate, assume, command, seize, take command, take charge, take possession, usurp
See also: condemnation
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BHP, which employs 41,000 people and has operations in 25 countries, launched a hostile bid for Canada's Potash in August after directors of the company refused to back its offer.
It launched a hostile bid for Canada's Potash in August, after directors of the company refused to back its offer.
Kraft Foods Inc's $16 billion hostile bid for British candy maker Cadbury Plc has been notified to EU regulatory authorities, the European Commission said on Wednesday.
Japan's second-largest drugmaker, withdrew a $1 billion hostile bid for CV Therapeutics Inc.
Nissin said the defense scheme has not been designed in response to a specific hostile bid, but the decision follows the recent move by U.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 January 2007-MAN AG withdraws hostile bid for Scania(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
US Senate lawmakers are to more closely examine potential airline mergers, including the hostile bid for Delta Air Lines by US Airways.
The pilots union of Delta Air Lines has said that no other carrier has offered to buy the airline since US Airways' hostile bid in November.
The company had previously said it was studying the offer, which was first announced in August; but late last month, Pilgrim's Pride said it would launch a hostile bid when Gold Kist had declined to make a deal.
I can't make a comment on whether it's a hostile bid or not.
An inappropriate response to a hostile bid can damage share price, investor sentiment or management team credibility so it is important that companies are alert to predatory acquirers.
Leaders in Luxembourg and Belgium have already raised concerns about the hostile bid, which caught European markets by surprise on Friday and was rejected by Arcelor.