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Office accommodation with internet provision, a hot desking facility for community groups and training rooms to let
Besides a new user interface, it offers conflict resolution for recurring meetings, kiosk support for office hoteling and hot desking, lobby display support and more.
As each staff member toils at an individual workstation rather than hot desking, different parts of the building are occupied at different times of day.
The workplace specialist can help optimise space usage by the recommendation of particular working practices, including hot desking, where desks are free to be used on a first-come first served basis and hoteling, a reservation system that allows staff to book workstations, or meeting rooms remotely.
These results support previous research into the unpopularity of open plan offices and hot desking.
Their priority is to develop City Spirit's Corporate Pod business centre concept which provides serviced office, virtual office, hot desking, meeting room hire and business centre support services for a broad range of clients.
FSC's two-storey complex provides open-plan office accommodation for their in-house staff, hot desking facilities for visiting clients and FSC's field staff, and a fully equipped kitchen for food product development and sampling.