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Flexible working is on the rise with businesses increasingly adopting new workspace trends including open-plan office space, co-working spaces, hot desking and third spaces.
Like many firms, CBRE has turned its attention to new "agile" working practices by introducing hot desking and pod systems.
Hot Desking provides one-number access for employees wherever they are, it integrates with Nortel Mobile Cost Optimizer by redirecting calls initiated from a smartphone to any desk phone.
Office accommodation with internet provision, a hot desking facility for community groups and training rooms to let
Besides a new user interface, it offers conflict resolution for recurring meetings, kiosk support for office hoteling and hot desking, lobby display support and more.
As each staff member toils at an individual workstation rather than hot desking, different parts of the building are occupied at different times of day.
The workplace specialist can help optimise space usage by the recommendation of particular working practices, including hot desking, where desks are free to be used on a first-come first served basis and hoteling, a reservation system that allows staff to book workstations, or meeting rooms remotely.