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Hot Flush runs at the Lichfield Garrick until tomorrow.
pratense (red clover) isoflavones for reducing hot flush frequency in menopausal women.
Keywords used were: black cohosh, dong quai, evening primrose oil, ginseng, liquorice, red clover, sage, soy, kudzu, hormone replacement therapy and alternatives, phytoestrogens, isoflavonoids, menopause, hot flush, menopause supplement and non-prescription supplement.
I watch something sentimental, I cry, and then I have a hot flush.
ta kev @AndyRHot FlushMusical @mattslack123 made the show @sezfaz16 @RHYLPAVILION I have got face ache from all the laughing at hot flush @CheWill3 @LesleyJoseph_UK was superb in @HotFlushMusical in Rhyl.
Hot Flush delves into the friendships, the secrets, the laughter and tears and the ups and downs of four women - and the many men in their lives.
Participants were encouraged to carry the spray with them at all times and instructed to use the sprays whenever they felt a hot flush coming on.
Hot Flush is at Rhyl Pavilion on May 1 and tickets cost PS20.
The quartet, calling itself The Hot Flush Club, meets weekly at a local bar where the women provide each other with moral support and, most importantly, gossip about the men in their lives - and there are 15 of them.
Hot Flush LICHFIELD GARRICK HOT Flush is a sort of cross between Sex in the City and stand-up with Flanders and Swann and Chubby Brown thrown in for good measure.
But fortunately Hot Flush, in which she is about to appear at Llandudno's Venue Cymru, is all about the demands on women who hit that certain age.