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What Table 2 shows is that the rebuild time for a Hot Spare in 1995 was between two and eight hours, which was by no means perfect but a company's data was only at risk for up to one day.
Imagine all of your company's data on 14 hard drives, 12 for actual storage and one for parity and the Mythical Hot Spare respectively.
26 Days (1) Write Time No overhead assumes the RAID controller is doing nothing else but rebuilding the data to the Hot Spare.
In this article we'll be discussing hard drives and RAID storage and more importantly the belief that Hot Spares keep your data safe.
One global hot spare (standby drive on which data can be rebuilt if a drive fails)
More sophisticated systems also support local hot spares.
4 (example: hot spares, parity disks, journal disks, log disks, etc.