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Located at the base of the eastern Valley, the communities may catch cooler breezes from the Cahuenga Pass, but residents still think their average summer temperatures are higher than 80 degrees, the threshold for the hot zone.
Little Rock has a few other free wireless hot zones, including the River Market building, hosted by AT&T.
Croft's first urban public Hot Zone will be launched in time for summer.
The hot zones are part of a pilot project to bolster wireless coverage for AT&T customers in busy areas with high levels of 3G traffic, the carrier said in a statement.
911 Enable is pleased to partner with No Jitter, the leader in enterprise communications media, to present the E911 Hot Zone," said Lev Deich, Director of 911 Enable.
The Hot Zone tells the story of the Ebola and Marburg viruses, two uniquely horrible diseases that had several deadly outbreaks in Africa over the past two decades.
Curved graphite heating elements provide for rapid and uniform heating with multiple zones of control along the length of the hot zone to assure uniformity in accordance with AMS 2750D," said Rick Jones, vice president of international sales.
The Rapid Launch Hot Zone System is an integration of technology and components from three companies: ARRIS Solutions, BelAir Networks, and SolutionInc Limited.
While the DWP board unanimously endorsed the plan, Commissioner Lee Kanon Alpert questioned why two Valley communities -- Studio City and Toluca Lake -- were cut out of the hot zone.
The working dimensions of the hot zone measure 36 wide X 36 high X 48 deep.
The DWP already has tiered rates and a hot zone area it uses to assess water charges, but this is the first time the utility is considering a similar rate structure for electricity.
Vivato Wi-Fi Base Stations Will Provide Large Extended Hot Zone