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The rock 'n' roll music influenced fashion, with large skirts and petticoats to make them stand out, and a return to the hour-glass shape to bring in more glamour to a financially-austere time.
I've got an hour-glass shape and I used to hide my curves instead of celebrating them.
Jordan is boasting the top half of the classic hour-glass figure without the aide of a corset by the expediency of Double F enhancements.
They have, in addition, a specially developed, hour-glass form designed to make them easy to eat by hand.
Apart from being vivacious and having the figure of an hour-glass, she is also warm, natural and full of flirty fun.
The labels shrink into or stretch around contours penetrate variable geometries (such as hour-glass shapes), and conform irregular features (grips or slender necks).
There is an hour-glass shaped fastener, made of aluminum or high-carbon steel, that is as long as the thickness of the two pieces of material to be joined; the fasteners range in size from 0.
The deeply cut, narrow hour-glass candlesticks come in varying sizes and will range from $90 to $100 at retail.
For the bold and daring--and those with hour-glass figures--there are styles to show off your best assets, including a Lycra spandex suit that zips from the waist up the bodice.
The syncopated external vocabulary of stucco and windows is carried around the corner into the Rasinovo nabrezi elevation overlooking the river; it also buttresses the gap between the ethereal hour-glass tower and Havel's Art Nouveau building on Jiraskovo namesti.
The ear is shaped like an hour-glass, with a narrowing in the middle.