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The rock 'n' roll music influenced fashion, with large skirts and petticoats to make them stand out, and a return to the hour-glass shape to bring in more glamour to a financially-austere time.
The labels shrink into or stretch around contours penetrate variable geometries (such as hour-glass shapes), and conform irregular features (grips or slender necks).
There is an hour-glass shaped fastener, made of aluminum or high-carbon steel, that is as long as the thickness of the two pieces of material to be joined; the fasteners range in size from 0.
The deeply cut, narrow hour-glass candlesticks come in varying sizes and will range from $90 to $100 at retail.
The syncopated external vocabulary of stucco and windows is carried around the corner into the Rasinovo nabrezi elevation overlooking the river; it also buttresses the gap between the ethereal hour-glass tower and Havel's Art Nouveau building on Jiraskovo namesti.
The label conforms tightly to the hour-glass shape, while maintaining visual accuracy.
Peplum details have created an hour-glass shape and are teamed with printed statement skinny jeans or high-waisted pencil skirts to give a flattering, sculpted figure.
Full-skirted dresses can improve and accentuate hour-glass shapes by nipping in waists and skimming over hips.
The three Panasonic JetForce vacuums have an hour-glass shape that forces large debris towards the bottom of the cup, due to the pressure difference in the middle and bottom of the cup - thus keeping it away from the filter.
The hour-glass pattern can range from light cream to bright orange.
The corsetry in the collections is based on original Victorian patterns and techniques to sculpt the classic hour-glass figure.