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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

My house burned down, the insurance company issued a check for the house and told me when I get the "contents forms" filled out they will cut me another check for contents. I have heard that if I cash the first check, then they do not have to pay me for the contents. That I have agreed, by cashing the check, that I am paid in full. Is this fact?


Send then a letter confirming your agreement--but normally it would be okay then...
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Tom said to himself, "Those old maids waited to dress--they did the same thing the night Stevens's house burned down next door." In a few minutes he was in the haunted house.
MILEY Cyrus has said the only things she is upset about losing when her house burned down last month is her shrine to Elvis Presley.
Sol Bechtold drove from shelter to shelter looking for his mother, Joanne Caddy, a 75-year-old widow whose house burned down along with the rest of her neighborhood in Magalia, just North of Paradise.
The Chancellor, the ruler of Neworld, has Grier's house burned down in order to stop her and her movement from spreading their "lies" to the citizens.
Another man fell unconscious after he witnessed his house burned down.
Thorne brought suit against Member Select when it denied his claim for coverage after his house burned down. A jury awarded Thorne $7,000, and the district court denied Member Selects motion for judgment as a matter of law.
Earlier this year, the show revealed that the Pearson family's house burned down, but it wasn't clear how it started or why Jack was in there.
After the house burned down in 1997 in an accident, Cavett and wife Carrie Nye vowed to build and exact replica on its place.
He says they could have allowed him to avoid a subsequent bankruptcy which resulted in the home of his ex-wife and children being HOUSE BURNED DOWN Joe Woods targeted by sheriff officers.
He added that the house burned down at dawn today fully and the family suffered suffocation as a result of smoke inhalation.
KOAA reported that Hudgens and his dog have been living out of his Ford Mustang since his house burned down in November and he came to Colorado Springs in the hopes of a fresh start.
A house burned down in Jaiyl district, while firefighters were coming.