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Individuals who comprise a family unit and who live together under the same roof; individuals who dwell in the same place and comprise a family, sometimes encompassing domestic help; all those who are under the control of one domestic head.

For the purposes of insurance, the terms family and household are frequently used inter-changeably.


Head of Household.

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n. a family living together, all of whom need not be related.

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Despite seeing decelerated growth in household spending in 2018, NCR remained the highest spending region on household consumer goods and services with expenditure totalling P1.432 trillion in 2018.
* The average monthly and annual income in an urban household stands at 907 US$ and 10,886 US$, respectively.
14.3% of households can not afford to buy and maintain a car for financial reasons, and 34% said they did not need a light car.
How will Europe maintain its lead in the global household air care products market?
The second way to improve household cash flow is to maximize income.
'For example, a household in Kelantan that earned just above RM5,870 is considered to be in the top 20 per cent of households of that state.
With these revisions in place, for the 2018 survey, there is a mix of households who responded using the old household accounts and those who responded by using the new household accounts.
The focus of the report was to look at why some households escape poverty - and stay out of it - while others escape poverty only to fall back into it, and why some descend into poverty for the first time.
"Poverty increases with increase in household size," says the Basic Report on Well-being in Kenya.
"There are a lot of meaningfully sized channels of household products," said TABS chief executive officer Kurt Jetta "Retailers seem to understand that these categories are strategically important because of their high penetration, repeat purchase rate and transaction size.
This means that the increase of household credit had more to do it with the prices of real estate, as the index measuring the relations between household debt and economic growth stood at 0.53 over the last eight years.
Compared with 30 years ago, low-income households are applying a greater share of their spending to basic needs.