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HOYMAN. The master or captain of a hoy.
     2. Hoymen are liable as common carriers. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.

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The economics of bidding wars for other industrial sitings have shown that the community raises its own price of admission when it overtly competes with another siting (Thomas, 1997; Hoyman, 1999; and Milward and Newman, 1988).
Skills/job training is the process by which a physical skill is presented and learned in order to accomplish a task or goal (Ferman, Hoyman, Cuther-Gershenfeld, & Savoie, 1990).
For example, McShane (1986a; 1986b), Glick, Mirvis and Harder (1977) as well as Hoyman and Stallworth (1987) have used the term to refer to participation in union activities, while Anderson (1978) used it to refer to other forms of participation such as perceived participation in decision-making and actual participation at meetings.
Professor Michele Hoyman of the University of Missouri, St.
It is within such a multi-layered context that a conception of an underground or informal economy must be forged (Ferman, Henry, and Hoyman 1987a).
He said if he couldn't get what he wanted, he'd be willing to die," hostage Shirley Hoyman said.
Hoyman examines four new automotive assembly investments in the United States: GM's Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee; Nissan in Smryna, Tennessee; Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky; and Honda in Marysville, Ohio.
32,33] In school health education, scholarly contributions have been made by many individuals including Oberteuffer, Turner, Hoyman and Sliepcevich, Creswell, and Russell.
Ferman, Michele Hoyman, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and Ernst J.