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57) saldon l uutudlice l da biscopas 7 aelaruas be-bod pte gif hua ongette hine huer sie taecne pte gefengo l hine (Li) saldun wutudlice daem biscope 7 aes-larwum biden waes pte gif hwelc ongetun hwer sie doemed pte gifengun hine (Ru2) pa bisceopas 7 pa pharisei haefdon beboden gif hwa wiste hwar he waere p he hyt cydde p hig mihton hine niman (WSCp) 'The bishops and the Pharisees had commanded: if anyone knew where he were, he should make it known so that they could take him'.
Such an outlook suggests that forming work teams that combine the efforts of parents and educational or rehabilitation experts may be the best way to ensure a profitable, generalized use of this technology in daily contexts (see, for example, Davies & Hastings, 2003; Parette, Brotherson, & Blake Huer, 2000).
Huer (1991) wrote: "Academic tenure for American professors is an extraordinarily self-contradictory phenomenon .
Le texte << Propos d'un passeur d'images >>, du realisateur Andre Huer, offre une retrospective sur l'ensemble de son experience au sein du programme televise Inedits de Belgique.