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The Texas-based Burnett Foundation sold "Nu de dos (1er etat)," the first of a series of four iconic, monumental bronzes of a human back, along with the other three works in the series, in a single private transaction.
The unclothed body also appears in Nude/Grid, 2011, in which a white plastic lattice covers a pale human back, casting a pattern of shadow that defines its delicate contours.
Surrounding these two professionals will be the script editor, the director, the producer, the sound recordist and our beleaguered and somewhat confused sound-effect artists who will no doubt be clutching a variety of watering cans, various tubes of gel (we would recommend tomato puree for verisimilitude) and some implement with which they could represent the slapping of soap upon the human back.
4) Meister seems to share Schmitt's dissatisfaction with the concept of humanity when he interprets my argument to bring the human back into our images of victims, perpetrators, and beneficiaries as a call to cease thinking in terms of these "moral categories that make us capable of righteous struggle" (p.