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In his paper, "Non-computability of Consciousness," Daegene Song proves human consciousness cannot be computed.
Two faced: Alicia Vikander plays a robot which may possess human consciousness
The announcement said, Seshadri's '3 Sections' is a compelling collection of poems that examine human consciousness, from birth to dementia.
The Kingdom of Morocco condemns this vile massacre which defies human consciousness, especially as the majority of the victims are unarmed civilians, children, women, the elderly, and helpless, the ministry said.
Music and Its Secret Influence Throughout the Ages provides a fine survey on music showing how the Elder Brothers of humanity work through music and the arts to change human consciousness, and is a pick for music and new age collections like.
The rest of the articles--from 1998 to 2006--are presented here, arranged thematically in sections on the cosmos, Earth, persons, family, language, human consciousness, God and the spirit world, and entertainment.
WE are being reminded once again of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, a place now engraved in the human consciousness.
This research into lucid dreaming gives the authors of the latest study insight into the neural basis of human consciousness.
The daily atrocities in Syria-which contravene all religions and norms -- represent a litmus test to human consciousness and a flagrant violation of the international humanitarian law and covenants", he said.
Such a heterogeneous list of references indicates the difficulty of task at hand: Stiegler aims to trace how Western philosophy, in general, overlooks the constitutive role of technology in human consciousness, while formulating a new schema of consciousness.
With this book, which philosopher Ken Wilber called the first book to "clearly describe the entire Christian path," Marion provides a map that takes us through the stages of growth in human consciousness to full spiritual maturity within the context of the Christian spiritual tradition.
Its central character is not a divine redeemer but rather human consciousness, which has broken through to a new level of understanding.

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