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He has been actively engaged with many of the most prominent intellectual movements in the humanities from the 1960s through today, but throughout that time he has become increasingly direct and persuasive in his assertion of the truth of biblical revelation in our efforts to understand all areas of human culture and to find salvation from the violence that is deeply ingrained in it.
In his nonfiction, Lopez often writes about the relationship between the landscape and human culture.
Thus, whoever argues that human culture has produced environments and life-ways whose complexity is frequently at odds with the first, pre-cultural mode of nature from which they evolved risks being termed a supernaturalist.
For, by Biblical account, the building of that Tower was discontinued when God intervened to bring His original motive back to human culture.
Here, archaeologists reconsider that view by presenting accounts of women's contributions in the advance of human culture.
While deterioration on this scale is appalling anywhere, it's especially so when the body of water in question has such deep resonance in human culture.
The mission of this collection is to provide discourse for a progressive Kemetic axiology that can inform our reality as we place good values, respect, and key principles of human culture at the head of our consciousness.
People, civilizations, and even works of art and cities vanish, leaving human culture to be defined as much by their absence as their presence.
It was the naturalist Charles Darwin who first suggested that dance, which has been a part of human culture and courtship throughout the ages, might be a key element of selecting a sexual partner.
This willingness to engage human culture in every age, characteristically Catholic as opposed to Orthodox or Protestant, I have described in an earlier issue of Catholic Insight: "The Differences between Catholics and Orthodox" (September, 2001).
We are honored to once again be playing a role in the creation of a new habitat that will allow guests to explore the intriguing world of butterflies, while learning about these creatures and their place in human culture and their importance in conservation.
Throughout history, artistic exploration has played an important role in the evolution of human culture.

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